Microsoft Azure Administration

Who can get this training?

  1. System Administrators
  2. Automation Engineers
  3. Quality Analysts
  4. Business Analysts
  5. DevOps
  6. Networking Professionals
  7. Developers has Google in Projects

Module 1: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

  1. Introduction to Azure
  2. Different segments SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
  3. Azure Regions and Data Centers
  4. Understanding of Microsoft Azure portal
  5. Introduction to all Azure services
  6. Windows Azure Subscription
  7. Setting Up a Trial Subscription

Module 2: Azure Virtual Machines

  1. Operating System Images Supported
  2. Virtual Machine instances
  3. Azure VM types and Pricing
  4. Types of Provisioning
  5. Disks & Images
  6. Virtual Machine management, automation and scripting
  7. Cloud Service and Resource Model Deployment
  8. Setting up VM in Availability set using Load Balanced Endpoint
  9. VM Availability using Availability Sets

Module 3: Introduction to Azure Virtual Network and Services

  1. Types of Azure Virtual Network VNET to VNET, point-tosite
  2. and site-to-site, Express Route.
  3. Creating Virtual Networks in Azure
  4. Azure Subnet and IP ranges
  5. Endpoints
  6. Load Balancing Endpoints
  7. Understanding Network ACL and Network Security Group
  8. Setting up Private and Public IP
  9. Hands-on Lab: Create a VET-to-VNET virtual network
  10. Hands-on Lab: Create a point-to-site virtual network
  11. Introduction to Azure Traffic Manager
  12. Available options in Azure Traffic Manager
  13. Understanding of Deployment Traffic Manager
  14. Hands-on Lab: Load Balancing using Azure Traffic Manager

Module 4: Microsoft Azure Storage

  1. Overview of Microsoft Azure Storage
  2. Storage Account
  3. Storage Account Replication Techniques
  4. Protocols and Consistency Model
  5. Type of Azure Storage Account
  6. Storage Services Blob, Table, queue, File
  7. Azure CDN Services, Managed and Unmanaged Disk
  8. Hands-on Lab: Provisioning Azure Storage services

Module 5: Implement an Azure Active Directory

  1. Active Directory Fundamentals
  2. Implement Azure AD Connect
  3. Multifactor Authentication
  4. Add custom domains
  5. Monitor Azure AD
  6. Configure single sign-on with SaaS applications
  7. Users and Groups Provisioning
  8. Configure federation
  9. Implement Azure AD integration in web and desktop applications
  10. Create an Azure AD B2C Directory
  11. Implement B2B collaboration Configure partner users
  12. Integrate with applications
  13. Azure AD data sync
  14. Role-based Access Control
  15. ADFS and Azure Access Control Service
  16. Hands-on Lab: Authentication Onâ?? Premise app using Azure AD
  17. Overview and Available features and Media Services
  18. Azure Notification Hub Services

Module 6: Azure SQL Database

  1. Understanding Database as a service
  2. Difference between SQL server and Azure SQL
  3. Advantage and Benefits of SQL database Scaling SQL
  4. database
  5. Backup and Performance Options Security in Azure SQL Pricing Model
  6. Hands-on Lab: Migrate a database from on premise to SQL Azure

Module 7: Azure Web Apps

  1. Understanding Web App tiers
  2. Understanding of Web Job Pricing , Security, Monitoring
  3. Resource Group and Web Hosting Plans in the New
  4. Preview portal
  5. Supported language
  6. Deploying Web App
  7. Deployment sources
  8. Hand-on Lab: Create, Deploy, Manager
  9. Deployment
  10. Benefits
  11. Roles in Azure Cloud services
  12. Web Role and Worker Role
  13. Understanding Fault Domain and Upgrade Domain
  14. Deployment pipeline
  15. Hands-on Lab: Deploying Application package with Azure Cloud Services

Module 8: Azure Backup and Site Recovery

  1. Azure Vaults
  2. Configuring backups
  3. Data Protection Manager
  4. Azure Site Recovery and Disaster Recovery
  5. On Premise Migration using Recovery Services
  6. Hands-on Lab: Configure a vault and backup a server from on premise to cloud
  7. On-premise to on premise On-premise to Azure

Module 9: Basic Learning about Powershell, Kubernates and OMS

Module 10: Discussion about Azure Exam 70-533 & Interview Questions and Answers session.